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Ghost Knight is a 2D action  puzzle platformer. Test you skills against a range of enemy's with a stance switching combat system, traverse cautiously through the dungeon and solve brain bending puzzles.


In the beginning we find our hero leading a squad of his finest men into the depths of the Lich's lair, upon entering our hero and his crew very quickly find themselves overrun by the walking dead. thus it was the end of our heroes journey.... or was it? 


This demo is a beta version of the game so any feedback would be hugely appreciated.

Please let us know if you find any bugs so we can get them fixed :)

(15.06.19) Version 1.1 has been released with several improvements, fixes, and optimizations.

(18.06.19) Version 1.2 has been released with a few minor bug fixes.

(21.06.19) Version 1.3 fixed another weird bug.


Ghost Knight V1.3.7z 185 MB

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Hey there! You have a pretty great set of systems here so far, and I took the time to talk about what works well and what works against itself, the conveyance of the mechanics and the like. I hope you find it helpful!

Thank you so much for all the feedback, we have been working on several improvements this week and an update should be out in the next 24hrs (few bug fixes, lighting optimizations, how to play screen, and a few level tweaks).